Summer specials ‘19

As we close out the summer, we would like to bring the attention to the Summer Special items for your business! We bring updated item’s, new menu options & motion-sensing electronics to help you catch the eye of all those who take a closer look at your storefront!

Armada Menu Board - Full-color menu! Print an updated special, drink menu or upgrade your old menu with a brand new design & material! Strong plastic that’s always tested to its utmost limit to ensure that you get the highest-quality material available. Easily wipe clean the coated, stain resistant, matte finish front and back panels and you’re ready to go.

Seaport Placemat - Inspired by the beautiful, cool hues of the ocean, the Seaport Placemat is made of semi-textured vinyl. The vinyl is durable enough to handle hundreds of plates on it a day and tough enough to even go through a restaurant grade dishwasher!

Street Talker Solar Light - Fully weather proof and easy to use, the Risch Street Talker Solar Light upgrades the way you catch the eye of those who pass your store front on a daily basis! Charges throughout the day and turns on once it gets dark enough, once someone walks by it will light up, immediately grabbing their gaze all without blinding them!

Wood Block Check Presenter - We have redesigned the old wooden check presenter, more finishes and more holding slots are just the starts for it! The wood is of higher quality than before but still hand-crafted in Upstate NY! Upgrade it even further by engraving your logo onto it!