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When Time Matters, We have you covered

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The Risch Quick ship program is a selection of Risch products stocked on our shelves for rapid turn around. The majority of Risch menu products are custom made for every order, our Quick Ship products are pre-produced in batches to pull and ship within 2 business days or less. We offer a sampling of products from every category including casebound menu covers, to stitched edge menu jackets, placemats, and more. When you have time sensitive menu needs, our Quick Ship program has something that will satisfy your needs.

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What if I want a custom logo imprint?

We thought of that, too! We offer a number of stocked covers that can be produced with a logo. Items include: Oakmont, Tamarac, Black Vinyl 700, Wine & Drink Menus, and our Black 5000P check presenter. Custom imprint on our select Quick Ship covers ship within 3-5 business days, cutting our average standard lead time in half (WOW!).  All custom logo options are noted in the Quick Ship Catalog.


Wait – I don’t see pricing in your Quick Ship Catalog. Help!

Fear not, we have an external line sheet for list price on all items in our Quick Ship catalog. We want to make our printed publications an easy sell for both restaurant owners and our sales force. End users receive dealer specific pricing, not list pricing. From surveying work in the field, we have determined that seeing list pricing can be a deterrent, in closing orders. We have provided an external line sheet with list pricing as a tool for our sales force to use. Line sheet easily coordinates with the Quick Ship Catalog.

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What if stock products have depleted inventory?

Occasionally, high order volumes will deplete stock on our Quick Ship stock products. In the instance this occurs, rest assured, that Risch will put priority on getting products out as quickly as possible. Some products are produced to ship same day. If lead times are extended for reasons such as this, you will be notified on receipt of purchase order.


Have more questions?

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