Your logo means everything to you, it’s what you use for your website, social media, business cards and many more! At Risch we have a very simple way of checking & proofing logo’s to see if they are good for use vector files or not. Vector files will ensure that your logo will always come out crisp, clean & of the highest quality, but what exactly does that mean?


Vector vs Raster

As mentioned above a vector image is the type of image that we use for almost all printing. There are some exceptions where raster images would be acceptable (like Monticello window images) but for just about everything else all logo files must be converted into a vector file. Raster images will create “pixels” or those jagged boxes you see on tiny images, where as vector images will produce smooth, crisp lines, every time. This is because raster files use dots, while vectors use lines; Imagine If you had to draw a line would you use dots to create it, or a line?

With raster images, the dots created are always set in that size indefinitely, that’s why you see the blurry images at different sizes.

With vector images, no matter how large you make it, it will always be crisp! If you’ve tried to make a photograph bigger and saw how it became blurry, that’s a raster image!

“Is vector the only image you accept?”

While we prefer to take vector files, if you do not have the true vector file we can still work with the other types of files! In our process we always go straight to one of our experienced designers to review the work and see if it is good for use. The programs that we use will help us modify the logo file to see if we can easily convert it into a vector file, Unfortunately, if we cannot easily change the file you will be subject to a 1 hour rework charge, but once we get the confirmation that the rework is approved, we will work hard to provide a new, vector logo!

When you’re ready you can send your logo to us! Our team can help you with any issues or questions you have!

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