Fresh New Ideas Catalog

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It is our duty in this ever-growing market to continuously update our catalog with new and exciting products! We bring a plethora of new products to the Risch family; Three of the menus in this catalog are the highlight of this issue!

The Butler Board - Sturdy wood with faux leather, fastened with chrome screws. Lightweight, mobile & durable, perfect for any venue!

The Amore - Beautiful MDF board, handcrafted with a flexible yet sturdy spine, held in place with vertical rivets. A rustic take on a modern design.

The Venetian - Patina copper matched with genuine leather. Perfectly bound together and durable. Great for fine dining establishments, the vineyard out in the country or anything else far and in-between.

With summer coming to a close we also have our Summer Spotlight!

  • High-quality menu boards

  • “Thank You” Wooden Check Box

  • Vinyl Placemats

  • Motion activated lights

This year, Risch closes out the summer looking far ahead. We want to make sure that our customers, old and new, will always have a variety of products to choose from, from the start of your business all the way to your third location and beyond.

As always, we thank you for your loyalty to us, and our product.

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