Menu Design

The same company that has provided you with quality menu products for over 75 years also offers menu design services…

In many instances no expense is spared in the dining room décor and the kitchen equipment, but the same amount of effort is not always put into the menus. The menu is one of the most important critical success factors in any restaurant. It is the only marketing piece that every one of your customers will read and it will have a direct bearing on what each of your customers decides to buy.

Take advantage of the short amount of time you have to indirectly communicate with your customers. Use Risch to help take menu design off your plate so you can focus more on the other details. Using our menu design knowledge, we will take your current menu and create a menu that will help make your restaurant more profitable.


An All in One Solution

Out of the Box Program

Why do it all yourself?
    The Out-of-the-Box Program makes it easier.
Here's what you get:

  • Premium Custom Design Package
  • Quality Menu Covers
  • Professional Menu Insert Printing
  • Loading Menus Into New Covers
  • Screen Resolution PDF File of Menu for Your Website

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